TOZO T10 Truly Wireless


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TOZO T10 Truly Wireless

The TOZO T10 are tolerable really remote earphones. Their bass-weighty sound profile is great for devotees of classes like EDM or hip-jump, however, some might see as their bass overwhelming. Tragically, they don’t have a buddy application to change their sound profile or make changes to their terrible controls. They’re very awkward, and their challenging to-squeeze buttons might cause the miniature headphones to get pushed awkwardly somewhere down in your ear when you press them.

Their 3.5-hour battery duration is on the more limited side for really remote earphones, however, their case gives up to an additional four charges. On the splendid side, their charging case upholds remote charging, which is extremely intriguing for earphones at this price tag, and both the case and the headphones are evaluated IPX8 for waterproofing, however, we don’t as of now test for this.

Neutral Sound ( TOZO T10 )

The TOZO T10 are unfortunate earphones for impartial sound tuning in. Their sound profile is extremely bass-weighty and not exact or unbiased. Aficionados of even and unbiased-sounding earphones will need to look somewhere else.


  • Wireless charging case.
  • Rated IPX8 for water-proofing, though we don’t test for this


  • An inaccurate sound profile isn’t the most versatile.
  • Commute/Travel

TOZO T10 Truly Wireless

The TOZO T10 are fair earphones for driving or travel. They latently disconnect foundation prattle well indeed and even make a good showing by shutting out the low thunder of transport or plane motors. Sadly, the earphones aren’t the most agreeable and may begin to hurt your ears during a long flight. Likewise, their battery is on the more limited side, yet their case holds up to four extra charges, and can completely charge the earphones in 60 minutes, which is great.


The TOZO T10 are great earphones for taking to the exercise center. Their bass-weighty sound profile will assist with keeping you amped up, and they’re shockingly steady even without solidness balances. Their really remote plan implies you need to stress over no links holding you up, and they’re evaluated IPX8 for full waterproofing, however, we don’t right now test for this.

Phone Calls

The TOZO T10 are okay earphones for calls. Their mouthpiece’s recording quality is somewhat better compared to numerous other Bluetooth in-ears, however, your voice will in any case strong and genuinely meager. Their commotion taking care is additionally

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