Turtle Beach Recon 50X/Recon 50P


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Turtle Beach Recon

Product Description

Turtle Beach Recon

Turtle Beach Recon  50X is a fair financial plan gaming headset. These headphones have a sensibly even sound that is a piece muddled however convey a good bass.

They’re moreover lightweight and have no torpidity for gaming and watching films since they’re wired. Tragically, their fabricate quality is below average and not quite as solid as tantamount models in their cost range.

They likewise don’t fit well with all audience members, making them a piece self-conscious and inadequately disengaging. Note that we tried the Xbox One variation of this headset, however, we expect comparable outcomes for the Recon 50P PS4 variation

Mixed Usage( Turtle Beach Recon )

They’re a good choice for gaming thanks to their incredible blast mic and low-inactivity wired association. Tragically, they have a plasticky form quality that doesn’t feel entirely sturdy, and an off-kilter fit that causes many seal issues and pursues them an unfortunate decision to use in clear, uproarious conditions.

Neutral Sound( Turtle Beach Recon )

Good for impartial tuning in. These aren’t the most agreeable earphones to wear for long listening meetings, yet on the potential gain, they have a sufficiently even sound. They have great and expanded bass and a fair high-pitch range that is not excessively sharp.

Tragically, the high-bass/low-mid knock makes them sound somewhat sloppy and jumbled. They won’t be great for additional impartial audience members since they have sloppy sound and can’t make a decent soundstage however they ought to sound respectable enough for most audience members and gaming.


Unfortunate earphones for workers. The Turtle Ocean side Recon 50X/50P has no dynamic highlights and doesn’t have a clamor retraction included, so it can’t shut out the commotion of a bustling metro stage or a transport motor.


Frustrating earphones for sports. They have unremarkable strength and won’t fall during lively developments, yet they are a piece massive and could disrupt the general flow during exercises.


Disheartening Turtle Beach Recon earphones for use at work in an office. They have nice solace, yet they are a piece cumbersome and get warm with longer listening meetings. They have fair spillage, and you can tune in harmony without annoying your neighbors.

Wired Gaming 

Respectable earphones for gaming. The Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P produces a respectable sound that functions admirably for in-game audio effects and profound bass, however, the voice isn’t as unmistakable. The separable receiver has brilliant recording quality.  So there’s no inactivity, however, they have no customization choices, in contrast to numerous other gaming earphones.

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